How to Make a Small Paper Box with Lid ?

While needing some extra space to store your special products, you always first think about a small paper box. Using these boxes to store items such as jewelry, watch, keys, currency, etc. are always an excellent idea. This helps you to divide and sub-divided your things to avoid any kind of damage.


Including you, we've often listened to these small paper boxes with lid, but always afraid to afford the expense of too many boxes for our personal or commercial needs. However, making a small box with lid looks like an amazing idea and what about if you'll also learn to make a small paper box with a lid at your home.



Follow the below mentioned steps to learn how to make a small paper box with lid within 2 minutes like a professional packaging expert.

The Material You Need:

  • 2 printer papers
  • Scissor
  • Glue
  • Scale
  • Score knife



You’ll Be Taught to Create Boxes in Two Steps. First a Bottom, Then the Lid

First, Create a box:

  • Take a printer, paper sheet. Measure and cut 10"*10" piece of paper sheet.
  • First, Fold the paper in half from top edge to bottom edge and then left to right. Now unfold the paper.
  • Fold all four corners to the center so it becomes a square.
  • Fold the top edge and bottom edge to the center, then only unfold. Remember, don't unfold the square.
  • There're four triangles in front of you in a square. carefully, unfold the top and bottom triangles.
  • Fold the inner left and right edges to the center.
  • Lift the top and bottom parts to make assembly sides of the box. While lifting these sides, open the left as well as right sides of the box to also form the all four walls of the box.
  • Finally, fold all creases lower flap down into the box and here's your paper box is ready.


Make The Lid of Box:

  • Like this box, repeat the same process to care lid of the box. Only add two more steps.
  • Take a printer, paper sheet. Measure and cut a 10.1*10.1 inch piece of this sheet.
  • Make two "U" shape cut on the left and ride of the lid from the edge. This will differentiate lid from the box as well as create ease when you want to open or close the box.

Add Decoration Touches:

If you want to make this box look's special, Add your final decorating touches. You can use glitter, ribbon, crafted creatures, colors and more make this box looks eye-catching.

Before you cover the bottom box with the lid, there's something that you just need to know about small paper boxes. These paper boxes are widely used by people to store different items. Nowadays, people are using these boxes as gift boxes to make their gift look special. However, one of the most wonderful uses of a small box could be as a photo box. You can make another box exactly according to your image size.

It keeps your photos protective from any damage. Somehow, if you're interested in buying custom designed and printed boxes in large quantity, but don't have enough time to make such small paper boxes at home. You can follow million of other people and order for photo boxes at online packaging stores.


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