How to Make Gift Favor Boxes?

Gift favor boxes are ideal for presenting and packing gifts for various occasions and events. The gifts on their own might not look that attractive on the outside or people might not want to show what they are gifting to the general audience present at social events or gatherings.


Gift favor boxes are very attractive pieces of art and turn the whole gift box into a much more presentable packaging and also hide inside gift from people it is not meant to be shown to perfectly. It is very common to see people passing of gift favor boxes among each other at various celebratory events or any general social gatherings.


The material choices for gift favor boxes are rather vast and depend highly on the nature and size of the gift to be packed in them. Most gift boxes, however, are crafted from thick hard paper, however, for more fragile gifts, they can be created out of solid and much harder cardboard. Anyone looking to create a gift favor box should first analyze the specific need for their gift because the paper ones tend to look much better and can be drawn on and decorated in much nicer ways. Here we will show you how to create a cute looking perfect gift favor box for small to medium sized gifts:


  • The first image has lines marked on it highlighting where it is needed to be cut. Download it to your computer and save it in full size. Print it on the paper in the exact size you want to make the gift favor box in. it is a good practice to try a couple of times on scratch paper before you do the actual thing.
  • If the finished box is intended to be stamped and decorated, the best way to go is to do it before you start the cutting, fold on the lines indicated before you start cutting as well. This will enhance the finished look of the gift box and make it look cleaner. 
  • You will need some glue at this point. The glue stick will work perfectly because it will deploy the required glue accurately and without creating any mess at all. Run the glue stick along the outside edge where the overlap is and press it into the inside of the other edge in order to stick it on. Keep holding it for a minute or two; alternatively, clip the edges with a paper clip or pegs until the glue dries off.
  • Once it is dry, you will need to make the base of the box. Fold the two shorter side pieces in together, in case you have printed some design on it already, make sure to determine to top and bottom or front and back sides at this point. Fold the backside to start with and then the front base for easy procedure. Run the glue stick wherever required to make the box hold its position and give it a neat finish.
  • Do the whole process carefully and slowly; take all the time it needs. After a couple of attempts, you will be able to finish one in just a few minutes. The finished gift favor box should look like this:


There are numerous options available for decorating the gift favor box as well. You can try the paper with flowers on it like the one shown above and then put some decorative lace on it as well or add some flocking for a textured effect is a good idea in certain situations as well. The versatility of this gift favor box is amazing, you can customize it in various sizes and virtually any gift can be presented in it in a very presentable manner.


There are various wholesale options available to brands that might want to buy gifts favor boxes like this one or other variations in favor boxes like Pillow Favor Boxes Wholesale by The Custom Boxes in bulk numbers. Some top box companies offer deals on them when bought in wholesale quantities.