How To Make Favor Boxes Out of Card stock?

As the holiday season arrives, there is a bundle of celebrations that needs to be done especially if you have children in the house! They definitely need a lot of parties to entertain them and they would love to enjoy their childhood to the fullest. While arranging parties, the most famous gesture of love and thankfulness is the favor boxes that are given to the guests.


Children wait for every second to grab these in hand and open them up to see what is the surprise inside. The curiosity is created by the different shapes and graphics done on the boxes. The unique and colorful they are, they attract more and more crowd. These boxes act as a token of remembrance too for the guests.

There are many materials by which these boxes can be made. Most easily available is cardstock. A large variety of boxes shapes and designs can be made by the cardstock. It can be colored and shaped in any desired design and can be decorated in the best possible way anyone could imagine.

Here is a simple yet elegant design for these favor boxes. You can make it at home and surprise your guests.

Step by Step Guide:

Things you need:

  • Printed cardstock
  • Cutter
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Compass
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbons for decoration


  1. Draw a square the size of the gift. Locate the middle of the square and draw a big X. The distance from the farthest point of the X to the center of one of the sides of the square should be 1/2 inch larger than the side of the square.
  2. Grab a compass and draw arches on all four sides of the X.
  3. There will be a diamond in the middle with arches on each side.
  4. You need to cut the arches on the line very carefully leaving behind the center as diamond shaped.
  5. After cutting the four sides are foldable and the center is left where you need to place your gifts.
  6. Place gift in the center and cover it up with the arches forming a closed box.
  7. Punch up the 4 sides with the help of hole punch.
  8. Tie a ribbon on the opposite petal-like arches to close it from the top.
  9. Tada! Your cute little favor box is ready to use.


Favor boxes are decorated in many ways, from tussles to ribbons and buttons. It all depends on the theme that you are choosing for your party. The theme could be in form of colors or characters. Party favors are always an elegant looking box of sweets that needs to be given to the guests to make them happy. They also act as an add-on if placed on the center table where food is served. Natural stems and leaves can also be used to decorate them giving them a natural touch.

A stencil would do wonders if placed on the center top. It could act as a functional item too. Laces add-on if giving it away on a bridal shower or girl’s party. Birthdays will have a touch of bright bold colors. Characters can be used for theme based parties. You can get as creative as you want in decorating these little bundles of joy. Some companies also sell these chinese favor boxes by ThecustomBoxes, so if you need in quantity, just contact them and give it a go!