How to Create a Christmas Pillow Box for Kids

Although there are yet a few months to go for Christmas this year, it is never too early to start your festive plans. Since gifts exchanging is one of the most favored Christmas activities and a large number of gifts are prepared for younger kids and children, getting your basics right on how to create a meaningful Christmas pillow gift box for those kids near you is necessary. Keeping in mind the attractive shape and availability in a variety of sizes, these Pillow Boxes are some of the best Christmas gift packaging choices.

Made from cardboard or other high-quality materials, these unique shaped boxes can keep packaged products safe and secure by holding them in their perfect positions. Having curved side panels, materials of these boxes tend to stick close with enclosed products limiting them from moving around even during transportation or rough handling.

However, due to the unique nature of products packaged in these high-quality pillow packaging boxes, these are not available widely readymade for festive occasions like Christmas gift packaging. These can be turned into some of the best Christmas gift boxes when treated the right way, here is an inexpensive DIY on how to create pillow packaging boxes for kid’s special gift packaging:

Cardboard Pillow Boxes:

To start the whole process off, you will need actual cardboard pillow shaped boxes. These are available from quality packaging retailers and manufacturers at cheap prices and come even less expensive when you buy them in wholesale numbers and bulk quantities. Alternatively, you can also DIY them yourself using everyday cardboard materials in your required thickness grades and use your crafting and cutting skills. When you order these pillow shaped boxes from online suppliers or even purchase them in bulk from your local retailers, be sure to check for your required thickness grades in their materials and also get a bunch of different sizes for different kid’s gift packaging. Larger ones can even package balls, shirts or other sports gear when required.

Christmas Wrapping Paper

Having acquired top quality plain pillow packaging or made them yourself, next, you will need to make them look Christmassy. There are more than one ways of doing this, the one we recommend is to use Christmas designed wrapping paper.

  • From supermarkets or gift shops, wrapping paper is available in any required printed designs and color combinations. Red, green, gold or any other sparkly Christmassy colors are the most popular ones, be sure to check for best suitable printed designs that enhance that beautiful festive feel at the same time.
  • Be sure to estimate how much Christmas wrapping paper you will need and also get the clear tape, paper glue and other bits and bobs that will be used while finishing up paper wrapping for your pillow design boxes.
  • Cut the wrapping paper into required sizes and place a thin layer of paper glue on the underside of the paper to give it a clean finished look and seal the edges neatly running your thumb across the line softly. Also, apply some clear tape along the edges if required.

    Adding the Embellishments:

Having wrapped your pillow shaped gift boxes in Christmassy paper and finished the whole thing neatly; do add a bit of Christmas unique embellishments on top of these as well. Not only will these make your gift boxes look that much more attractive but using the right Christmas embellishments, you can bring that festive feel out correctly. Handmade red paper flowers, snowflakes in white and red colors and other ribbons with little greeting cards on top of these boxes will look great. When you have more than one kids to gift these too, creating a different look and feel embellishments for different boxes depending on the nature of gifts packaged inside is a great idea. Doing this, your Christmas gift table will look full of variety as well on the beautiful day. Here are a few examples:

Placing the Gifts and Closing Up:

Now that your beautiful pillow Christmas gift boxes are ready, it is time to place those gifts in them. Need not to worry even if you have small gifts to be placed inside sizeable boxes, it is nothing a bit of extra paper, or foam inserts can’t fix. However, be sure to have your gift products fit in these boxes perfectly so that they don’t rattle inside too much. This will keep gifts safe and secure for until they are removed from these boxes.

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