How To Make a Packaging Box

Packaging boxes are an essential for businesses that deal with the physical product. Whether you managing an online business or not, your products would need to be shipped from one place to the other; sometimes from the wholesaler to the retailer, and sometimes directly from the manufacturer to the customer. Many home-based business owners find it hard to get appropriate packaging for their products. They are on the lookout for packaging that can provide protection to their product and is also the right size.


Having the right sized box means you have to spend less money on stuffing and other things that need to go into the box to fill it up and to provide ample cushioning. Having the right sized box also decreases the weight and the size of the shipment, which means business owners have to pay less for postal and shipping services. There are some of the many reasons why a home-based business owner may decide to go for custom packaging that they can make on their own.

If you wanted to know how you can create your own packaging box or folding carton, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to provide you with some basic instructions that will help you make your own packaging box. When you know how to make the basic structure, you can make any sort of box, whether it is a shipping box, a gift box or any other kind of packaging box. So let’s see how we can do this!



Things You Will Need:

• A piece of Cardboard (better to get an old carton you can recycle)
• A box cutter or a set of heavy duty scissors
• Packaging tape set inside a dispenser to provide ease and speed
• Measuring tape
• A4 Paper


Step By Step Instructions:

1. Take the old carton that you have and start breaking it down by opening the sides and the glue. Use your cutter to help you do this. Our target is to end up with a piece of the flat cardboard sheet. First, you should open the bottom of the box and then split open one side only. This will help you open the complete box and unfold it.

2. Now measure your product and see what length, breadth, and width you need for your box. One way is to measure it using a measuring tape. Another way is to lay your item flat on the cardboard sheet and increase one inch in dimensions from all around the product. Mark these dimensions with a pencil so you know the extent of your box net.

3. If you want, you can print out a box net for reference so you know where to place the tabs and the folds.Once you have made the tabs and the folds with the reference of the image, or through placing the product on the cardboard sheet, now is the time to fold the packaging box and secure it with the help of the duct tape. First of all, you should secure the bottom and then the sides.

4. Finally, place the product inside the box and close it off, topping off with duct tape for added security. You can add labels so your customers know the important re-order information or contact information. You can also order customized packaging boxes from The Custom Boxes.


They can make boxes according to the size and shape of your products. This will help you gain the professional look you want, and also reduce the size and weight of your package. Try them and out and see the benefits of custom designed packaging translated in the form of a higher sales volume!

How to Make a Small Paper Box with Lid ?

While needing some extra space to store your special products, you always first think about a small paper box. Using these boxes to store items such as jewelry, watch, keys, currency, etc. are always an excellent idea. This helps you to divide and sub-divided your things to avoid any kind of damage. Including you, we've often listened about these small paper boxes with lid, but always afraid to afford the expense of too many boxes for our personal or commercial needs. However, making a small box with lid looks like an amazing idea and what about if you'll also learn to make a small paper box with a lid at your home.



Follow the below-mentioned steps to learn how to make a small paper box with lid within 2 minutes like a professional packaging expert.

The Material You Need:

  • 2 printer papers
  • Scissor
  • Glue
  • Scale
  • Score knife



You’ll Be Taught to Create Boxes in Two Steps. First a Bottom, Then the Lid

First, Create a box:

  • Take a printer, paper sheet. Measure and cut 10"*10" piece of paper sheet.
  • First, Fold the paper in half from top edge to bottom edge and then left to right. Now unfold the paper.
  • Fold all four corners to the center so it becomes a square.
  • Fold the top edge and bottom edge to the center, then only unfold. Remember, don't unfold the square.
  • There're four triangles in front of you in a square. carefully, unfold the top and bottom triangles.
  • Fold the inner left and right edges to the center.
  • Lift the top and bottom parts to make assembly sides of the box. While lifting these sides, open the left as well as right sides of the box to also form the all four walls of the box.
  • Finally, fold all creases lower flap down into the box and here's your paper box is ready.


Make The Lid of Box:

  • Like this box, repeat the same process to care lid of the box. Only add two more steps.
  • Take a printer, paper sheet. Measure and cut a 10.1*10.1 inch piece of this sheet.
  • Make two "U" shape cut on the left and ride of the lid from the edge. This will differentiate lid from the box as well as create ease when you want to open or close the box.

Add Decoration Touches:

If you want to make this box look's special, Add your final decorating touches. You can use glitter, ribbon, crafted creatures, colors and more make this box looks eye-catching.

Before you cover the bottom box with the lid, there's something that you must need to know about small paper boxes. These paper boxes are widely used by people to store different items. Nowadays, people are using these boxes as gift boxes to make their gift look special. However, one of the most wonderful uses of a small box could be as a photo box. You can make another box exactly according to your image size.

It keeps your photos protective from any damage. Somehow, if you're interested in buying custom designed and printed boxes in large quantity, but don't have enough time to make such small paper boxes at home. You can follow million of other people and order for photo boxes at online packaging stores.


But make sure to choose a professional packaging expert who can offer you a wide variety of customized photo boxes in different size, shape, and style at market-competitive prices. Photo Boxes wholesale By The Custom Boxes Which is a popular packaging company, provide photo boxes wholesale at affordable prices all over the world.

How to Make Gift Favor Boxes?

Gift favor boxes are ideal for presenting and packing gifts for various occasions and events. The gifts on their own might not look that attractive on the outside or people might not want to show what they are gifting to the general audience present at social events or gatherings.

Gift favor boxes are very attractive pieces of art and turn the whole gift box into a much more presentable packaging and also hide to inside gift from people it is not meant to be shown to perfectly. It is very common to see people passing of gift favor boxes among each other at various celebrative events or any general social gatherings.


The material choices for gift favor boxes are rather vast and depend highly on the nature and size of the gift to be packed in them. Most gift boxes however are crafted from thick hard paper, however for more fragile gifts, they can be created out of solid and much harder cardboard. Anyone looking to create a gift favor box should first analyze the specific need for their gift because the paper ones tend to look much better and can be drawn on and decorated in much nicer ways. Here we will show you how to create a cute looking perfect gift favor box for small to medium sized gifts:


  • The first image has lines marked on it highlighting where it is needed to be cut. Download it in your computer and save it in full size. Print it on the paper in exact size you want to make the gift favor box in. it is a good practice to try a couple of times on scratch paper before you do the actual thing.
  • If the finished box is intended to be stamped and decorated, the best way to go is do it before you start the cutting, fold on the lines indicated before you start cutting as well. This will enhance the finished look of the gift box and make it look cleaner. 
  • You will need some glue at this point. The glue stick will work perfectly because it will deploy the required glue accurately and without creating any mess at all. Run the glue stick along the outside edge where the overlap is and press it into the inside of the other edge in order to stick it on. Keep holding it for a minute or two; alternatively clip the edges with a paper clip or pegs until the glue dries off.
  • Once it is dry, you will need to make the base of the box. Fold the two shorter side pieces in together, in case you have printed some design on it already, make sure to determine to top and bottom or front and back sides at this point. Fold the backside to start with and then the front base for easy procedure. Run the glue stick wherever required to make the box hold its position and give it a neat finish.
  • Do the whole process carefully and slowly; take all the time it needs. After a couple of attempts, you will be able finish one in just a few minutes. The finished gift favor box should look like this:


There are numerous options available on decorating the gift favor box as well. You can try the paper with flowers on it like the one shown above and then put some decorative lace on it as well or adding some flocking for a textured effect is a good ideas in certain situations as well. The versatility of this gift favor box is amazing, you can customize it in various sizes and virtually any gift can be presented in it in a very presentable manner.


There are various wholesale options available to brands that might want to buy gift favor boxes like this one or other variations in favor boxes like Pillow Favor Boxes Wholesale by The Custom Boxes in bulk numbers. Some top box companies offer deals on them when bought in wholesale quantities.

How To Make Favor Boxes Out of Card stock?

As the holiday season arrives, there is a bundle of celebrations that needs to be done especially if you have children in the house! They definitely need a lot of parties to entertain them and they would love to enjoy their childhood to the fullest. While arranging parties, the most famous gesture of love and thankfulness is the favor boxes that are given to the guests.

Children wait for every second to grab these in hand and open them up to see what is the surprise inside. The curiosity is created by the different shapes and graphics done on the boxes. The unique and colorful they are, they attract more and more crowd. These boxes act as a token of remembrance too for the guests.

There are many materials by which these boxes can be made. Most easily available is cardstock. A large variety of boxes shapes and designs can be made by the cardstock. It can be colored and shaped in any desired design and can be decorated in the best possible way anyone could imagine.

Here is a simple yet elegant design for these favor boxes. You can make it at home and surprise your guests.

Step by Step Guide:

Things you need:

  • Printed card stock
  • Cutter
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Compass
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbons for decoration


  1. Draw a square the size of the gift. Locate the middle of the square and draw a big X. The distance from the farthest point of the X to the center of one of the sides of the square should be 1/2 inch larger than the side of the square.
  2. Grab a compass and draw arches on all four sides of the X.
  3. There will be a diamond in the middle with arches on each side.
  4. You need to cut the arches on the line very carefully leaving behind the center as diamond shaped.
  5. After cutting the four sides are foldable and the center is left where you need to place your gifts.
  6. Place gift in the center and cover it up with the arches forming a closed box.
  7. Punch up the 4 sides with the help of hole punch.
  8. Tie a ribbon on the opposite petal-like arches to close it from the top.
  9. Tada! Your cute little favor box is ready to use.


Favor boxes are decorated in many ways, from tussles to ribbons and buttons. It all depends on the theme that you are choosing for your party. The theme could be in form of colors or characters. Party favors are always an elegant looking box of sweets that needs to be given to the guests to make them happy. They also act as an add-on if placed on the center table where food is served. Natural stems and leaves can also be used to decorate them giving them a natural touch.

A stencil would do wonders if placed on the center top. It could act as a functional item too. Laces add on if giving it away on a bridal shower or girl’s party. Birthdays will have a touch of bright bold colors. Characters can be used for theme based parties. You can get as creative as you want in decorating these little bundles of joy. Some companies also sell these chinese favor boxes by ThecustomBoxes, so if you need in quantity, just contact them and give it a go!